Slack is a communications hub where Members of Wrexham Scouts can work together to get things done. From project planning to budget discussions, and to everything in between.

It’s taken over from Facebook at District level for several reasons covered here, and seems to be quite popular. We’ve decided to give it a go until the end of the summer term, and if people would prefer a return to Facebook we’ll do that.

Here are some tips on how to get the best out of Slack…

Getting Started

Email us and we’ll send you a link which will set you up when you follow it.


People are telling us that they’re not getting notifications about things that are happening on Slack. Here’s some ways to improve this…

  • Add the app to your smart phone
    • once you’ve done this make sure Slack notifications are turned on via your phone
  • Check your Slack notifications
    • the default is “Direct messages, mentions & keywords” – this won’t notify you of messages in the channels you’re signed up to unless they mention you – instead set it to “All new messages
    • add keywords about topics you’re interested in, such as ‘Module’ if you’re doing training or your name if you’re wondering who’s complaining about you!
  • Set up email notifications
    • you can get Slack to email you if it notices you’re not reading messages

Set to All new messages…

Have you got the message?

One feature that Slack doesn’t have is a way of automatically showing who or how many have read posts. Sometimes it can appear that nobody has seen your message.

Here’s how we’re going to get round this…

Just tap on (or click if you’re accessing via a computer) the eyes 👀 emoji under each post you’ve read. If there are no eyes there, you can add them via the ‘add reaction’ button and search ‘eyes’.


Lots of people are just typing in this box…

…to reply to a message above. It appears at the bottom of every channel and appears to be where replies should go – but this isn’t the correct place to reply!

Instead please use Start a thread – or Reply to thread once someone else has replied.

This is the desktop view

On mobile just tap on the message you want to reply to and Start/Reply to a thread will be an option as shown above.

Using threads is for two reasons…

1. It makes it more obvious which message you’re replying to…

  • If we just use the Message #channel box…
    • “Should we buy new tents? They’re £200 each!”
    • “Yes, that’s OK by me!”
    • “Can I spend £1,000 on crayons?”
    • “Yes, that’s OK!”
    • “God no! We don’t need that many!”

Did the person who said yes under the crayons message mean the tents or the crayons?

  • If we start a thread…
    • “Should we buy new tents? They’re £200 each!”
      • 2 replies
    • “Can I spend £1,000 on crayons?”
      • 1 reply

It’s now obvious which is which!

2. It keeps subjects together, so if you’re not interested in the new tents, you don’t need to trawl through all the replies!


Conversations in Slack are separated into different themed channels.

When you join Slack, you will automatically be joined to just three channels.

  • #general – information for everyone
  • #welcome – a channel with some info for newbies
  • #safety – important for all of us

There are lots more channels that you can join, leave, and rejoin as many times as you like. You can even preview channels to have a sneaky peak before you actually join. Join as many or as few as you like, but if you’re a Leader with a Section, we’d recommend you to join #events_all, #events_yoursection, #ideas_all and #ideas_yoursection

  • activities
  • atlas-esu
  • awards
  • beavers_team*
  • campcoxwood
  • campsites
  • cox_wood_crew*
  • cox_wood_friends
  • cubs_team*
  • dc_diary
  • district_team*
  • events_all
  • events_beavers
  • events_cubs
  • events_scouts
  • events_xplorers
  • exec*
  • exec_gsls_team*
  • exec_public
  • explorers*
  • general
  • grants_funding
  • gsls*
  • hq
  • ideas_all
  • ideas_beavers
  • ideas_cubs
  • ideas_scouts
  • ideas_xplorers
  • need_adult_leaders
  • need_young_leaders
  • photo-of-the-month
  • promise_day_planning*
  • safety
  • share_your_story
  • sword-fencing
  • training
  • training_team*
  • welcome
  • young-leaders-team*
  • youth_team*
  • youthshaped

*private channels