While the need for meetings is less than it was, sometimes they are the best way to communicate

Meetings have pros

  • You know that everyone present is likely to be fully engaged
  • It’s less likely to take something the wrong way in person – sometimes things come across badly via text when you can’t see someones face or hear the intonation in their voice
  • It’s much easier and quicker to make important decisions face to face

Meetings also have cons

  • They are time consuming – by the time you’ve travelled there and back, opened up buildings, had a bit of chit-chat, you’ve added an hour on
  • It’s tricky to get everyone together at the same time
  • Someone has to record what went on and distribute

Meeting do’s and don’ts

  • Avoid using meetings to tell people information – you can do that via email – the exception is if it’s likely to be something that people will have questions about that everyone will be interested in
  • Meetings are best used to make decisions
  • Make sure people know what’s going to be discussed in good time
    • then if they can’t make it they can still send their input to be included
    • they can also decide not to attend if it’s not for them – for example, don’t just say it’s a Scout Leaders’ meeting if you’re only discussing Frost Camp which would be a waste of time for a Leader if their Troop isn’t attending
  • Make a record of action points and share these soon after the meeting