Email is one of the main methods of communication for most of us but it does fall down when…

  • you have so many unread/undealt with/spam emails that you can’t see the wood for the trees
    • see below for how to solve this!

  • you are emailing a group of people asking for views on something and people hit ‘reply’ rather than ‘reply all’ so the conversation breaks up
    • best use Slack for group conversations

You’ve got mail!

Do you find yourself with 13,015 new emails? Here are some top email tips…

  • If you do have hundreds of unread emails then decide that it’s got to end and make a clean start.
  • Folders are your friend! Set up folders so you can categorize emails. Google “How to set up a folder in…gmail/outlook/mail/whatever” to find out how. Set up folders like ‘Orders’, ‘Passwords’, ‘Holiday’ and a generic ‘Keep’ for everything else you don’t want to delete.
  • Set up a folder called “Old Emails” and move everything in your Inbox to this folder.
  • Mark all these emails as read (again, Google how to do this if you’re unsure).
  • From then on, whenever you get a new email…
    • Leave it in your Inbox if it needs action or a reply
    • Move it to a folder if you want to keep it
    • Delete it if you don’t want it
    • Forward it if it’s something someone else can deal with – then either delete it if you trust that they’re going to, move it if you want to keep a record, or leave it in your inbox if you don’t trust them!
  • This way the only emails in your inbox will be stuff you need to do something about. This will remind you to do it! All other emails will either be filed away or binned – hooray!
  • Set up a separate email account for Scouting if you hold a role such as Section Leader, Group Scout Leader or a District role. It’s easy to create a email address. This way if you move on from the role you can hand over the account and people can carry on where you left off.

Email lots of people

People in roles such as Group Scout Leader and District role will often need to email large amounts of people.

It’s not a good idea to do this via your usual email because

  • Lots of email providers will increase your spam score if you regularly send emails in bulk, so your emails are less likely to get through
  • Using email lists risks them getting out of date when new Leaders are appointed without your knowledge

All members can use Compass to send emails which

  • sends the email through the Scouts system so it won’t affect your email
  • ensures your list is bang up to date

Click here to find out how to use Compass to send emails

Consider using Bcc

Due to GDPR data protection regulations, it’s not good practice to send your email to lots of people with all their addresses in the ‘To:’ or ‘Cc:’ which would share their personal info with everyone the email goes to. Instead put all the addresses in the ‘Bcc:’ box when sending to more than one person, unless you’re sure everyone is happy having their email address shared.