Booking procedure

We need to be strict about deadlines for bookings for District Events.

Each event has a deadline date and we need leaders to collect any fees in from their members in good time to make a single payment for the whole Section.

There may be times when additional numbers may be allowed after the deadline – but these are at the event organisers discretion (perhaps where there are spare seats on a coach which it would be a financial benefit to fill) and are never guaranteed.

So here’s the steps:

  1. Book online via
  2. Check your inbox for the pending email (could be in junk/spam)
  3. Print off the email
  4. Raise a SINGLE GROUP CHEQUE to cover the total amount
  5. Put the email print-out and the cheque in an envelope
  6. Either post direct to Karen or in post box at the top of the stairs in HQ
  7. Once we’ve received your payment (and only then) we’ll approve your booking and you’ll get a second email
  8. Print this email out as your proof of booking and take to the event

Hope this is clear. I know that you will often get parents complaining to you about one child going and their’s not, and giving excuses why they didn’t pay in time – but I need to ask you to be fair but firm with them and say you can’t accept their booking. Explain it’s out of your hands and pass them on to Moz if you need to. 

Those who put on these events spend a lot of time planning, arranging, shopping and booking beforehand, and often stay behind for hours after clearing up and putting things away. All leaders will appreciate this I hope, so please do help us help them by following this simple procedure.