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Earlier in the year we were struggling to identify which issues the District Executive should be working on to properly support the District. It was a similar issue with the District Team.

One of the District Executive members, Stephen Brown, called to the Committee to ‘pick one or two things to do and get them done’, and then challenged the Exec members to think of their priorities. The fact that they struggled showed that a wider consultation was needed.

We held a District Development Day which was reasonably attended but restricted to 30 due to COVID. We also did an online survey for those that couldn’t make the face to face meeting, which was answered by 12 people.

The method was to look at the 32 areas of District & Group functions and assess each as Red, Amber or Green based on statements (see the survey above for the statements) which represented an example situation. The idea was we could then concentrate on the Red areas as things which needed most work.

At the Development Day we then rated each Red area in terms of importance and urgency to give us a greater idea of what needed doing when.

The image below shows the results from these polls.

Quite a few of the areas had large overlaps, so we merged these into the following priority areas:

  • Adult Growth/Flexible Volunteering
  • Coeducation/Diversity
  • Youth Representation
  • Network/Moving On
  • Nights Away
  • Executive Committees
  • Adult Training
  • Safety & Assets

Now this is STILL a large list! In fact we could still merge some of the areas as they are related, but then split each into smaller projects:


Adult Growth/Flexible Volunteering/Adult Training (and if we get Adult Training right then Nights Away should come out of that!)



Young Adults

Youth Representation/Network/Moving On (because if we support those young people who are 17/18 then Youth Representation comes out of this)


Executive Committees/Safety & Assets