District Team meeting

We’re all about openness here in Wrexham District – no secret meetings behind closed doors!

Tonight is the regular District Team meeting, for the DC, DDC, YDC, ADCs and others to discuss how we support the Groups, Units and Network. Here is the agenda.

  • District Team Who’s Who – update
  • #YouShapeWrexham – How we can get the most out of this event
  • Programme & Skills – How can we as a District Team support this?
  • Network Wrexham – discussion on how we can boost this age range
  • Area Camp – update
  • District Programme 2017 – involving young people in planning
  • Section budgets – update

Will let everyone know what we decided later!

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  1. Moz Morris says:

    As promised, here’s what we decided…

    In summary

    – took on board challenges facing Groups & Units which we’ll work through
    – planned and delivered YouShapeWrexham
    – shared good practice on subs collection with GSLs
    – starting to arrange support on Group Execs
    – looked at ways to help Sandra deliver efficient appointments process
    – agreed that District Team would update itself on new programme
    – agreed ways to support Groups with their programmes
    – looked at Scout Network (18-25) provision in Wrexham
    – decided how to make the District Programme in 2017 more youth shaped

    The full list of actions from both the GSL & Team meetings is at http://wrexham.clwydscouts.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/GSLs-Team-actions.pdf

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